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Tea and the Immune System


Boosts Immune System and Protects Skin

The immune system is activated by foreign particles entering the body or by injury. It means activation of the immune system is essential for destroying harmful micro-organisms.

So, The immune response is divided into two components: the specific immune response and the non-specific or inflammatory response.

In a specific immune response, the invading pathogens are identified and the cells of the immune system act to destroy them. The inflammatory response is non-specific and triggered by any foreign body or injury. Cigarette smoke and environmental pollutants also activate the inflammatory response.

Among other things, inflammation produces a lot of free radicals. Although essential in destroying harmful organisms entering the body, prolonged inflammation is harmful to the host itself as it exposes host cells to prolonged “oxidative stress.”

Inflammation plays an important role in the etiology of degenerative diseases such as cardiovascular, neurological, rheumatological diseases, and cancer.

In the modern environment, our body systems are exposed to prolonged oxidative stress. And antioxidant defenses have become more important.

Recent research has found that tea acts to reduce the harmful effects of inflammation by acting as antioxidants and by regulating the mediators of the inflammatory response. Research shows tea components reduce the harmful effects of inflammation.

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