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Buy Black Pepper Wholesale In Sri Lanka

Buy black pepper; Acril peppercorns are the highest quality

Pepper is one of the most popular spices in the world. It is also a very common spice in every kitchen. We supply the most sought-after black pepper and white peppercorn in Sri Lanka. Therefore, you can buy organic black peppercornsconventional black pepper, as well as white peppercorns, and red pepper from Acril Tea. In addition, we guarantee you the best black pepper wholesale price in Sri Lanka.

Furthermore, you can buy black pepper online and you can buy it in bulk packaging or private-label packaging. All our peppercorns are produced at our own estates in Sri Lanka. Also, we collect pepper from carefully selected farmers’ lands certified by the USDA, EU, and JAS. As a result, you can buy organic and conventional black pepper, white pepper, and red pepper all in one place at Acril.

There are a lot of black pepper exporters in Sri Lanka. Yet, we are known as the best black pepper export company in Sri Lanka due to our fast service, quality, and customer care.

Pepper can be purchased in three forms: whole peppercorns, coarse-cut peppers, or ground. Buying whole peppercorns and grinding them yourself will give you the best flavor, but pre-ground pepper is a time-saving option because it is easy to use. In addition, whole peppercorns retain their flavor compared to ground pepper.

Sri Lankan Pepper Cultivation

Peppercorn is a fruit that comes with loads of health benefits and is also used in traditional medicine. Furthermore, peppercorns grow as a vine in tropical areas. It is native to South Asia. The Sri Lankan pepper has a higher piperine content.

In Sri Lanka, the major cultivation areas for pepper are Kandy, Matale, Kegalle, Badulla, Ratnapura, Monaragala, and Kurunegala. In addition, these areas have loamy soil conditions as well as a 20 oC–30 oC temperature range. It is the optimum condition for the best pepper cultivation.

buy black pepper for cooking

We largely produce black pepper in different colors (white, green, and reddish-pink). The final black color comes from oxidation during the drying process. In addition, Sri Lankan black peppercorns carry a strong floral flavor. It is perfect for cooking as well as producing essential oils. In addition, we use pepper as a spice and flavoring agent in the food industry (perfumery and pharmaceutical industries).

However, Sri Lankan black pepper gets a special place in the pepper market because of its high piperine content.

Piperine is the bioactive compound of black pepper. Sri Lanka black pepper has a higher percentage of piperine content than other peppercorns. Therefore, it is the best black pepper for your kitchen.

White pepper

Both white pepper and black pepper come from the same plant. The only difference is that we use fully ripened berries to process white pepper. Therefore, we soak it in water to ferment. After that, the outer layer is removed, revealing only the inner seed. The white pepper gives a less pungent heat. Because of the chemicals that are stripped away from the outer skin. Further, the taste of white pepper is usually milder than black pepper.

Furthermore, white pepper is best for white sauces and potato dishes. Also, both black and white pepper are available in both whole and powder forms at Acril Tea.

Essential Oil of Pepper

Black Pepper Essential Oil is steam distilled from the crushed pepper fruit. It has a strong and sharp fragrance that stimulates and energizes. Acril Spice Island guarantees black pepper oil that is aromatically superior and more effective than any other type of oil.

Peppercorns Product Details

Name Peppercorns
Botanical name Piper nigrum
Family Piperaceae
Soil Well-drained loamy soils rich in organic fertilizers
Annual rainfall Not less than 1750mm
Temperature 15º C – 35ºC.
Harvesting 7-8 months of maturity
Main Verities Black Peppercorns, White Pepper, Red Pepper
Drying method Sun-Dry
Cleaning Machine clean
Grades 500 GL, 550 GL, 600GL, and FAQ (Fair Average Quality)
Moisture 10-15% Maximum
Origin Sri Lanka
Self-life 3 Years
Packaging 25Kg or 50 Kg Standard packing (Polybags/Jute Bags) or customized packing


Bulk Peppercorns/Black Pepper Wholesale

At Acril Spice Island, we supply the best quality black pepper and peppercorns from our own garden in Sri Lanka. Get the most affordable and competitive wholesale price for your Black Pepper order. And, you can buy black pepper in bulk or private label packaging at Acril Spice Island.

Our pepper production features a wide range of fresh, whole, and organic peppercorns in Sri Lanka.

07 Surprising Health Benefits of Peppercorns

Sri Lankan black pepper identifies as the world`s best black pepper with tons of health benefits.

  1. Improve brain function
  2. Enhances Digestion
  3. Helps Get Rid of Gas
  4. Fights Infection
  5. Improve blood sugar control
  6. Lower cholesterol levels
  7. Fight against cancer