ACRIL TEA has the capacity to produce any type of tea packaging for your tea order needs.

Packaging can come in various forms, like tea bags, tea boxes, tins as well as bulk packing (paper sacks) pyramid tea pouches, loose-leaf canisters/packing, whatever your tea packaging needs we can supply.

Tea packaging for my order?

Bulk Tea

We use bulk paper sacks for all of our bulk tea orders. normally 30-50 kg of tea fills in a paper sack.  But It may vary with each type of tea grade.

For example, we can fill 30-35 kg of OP (Loose Leaf) tea grade to the sack. but BOPF and DUST grads can be filled 50 kg to the sack.

Custom packaging

You may want us to pack tea under our brand name ( ACRIL TEA) or in your own design value-added packaging,

first of all,  you need to inform us of the following information for value-added packing,

  • The exact type of packing ( Box, Tin, Pouch, etc)
  • The exact weight of packing ( 25 g, 50 g, 100 g, etc)
  • ExacttTea grade you want to use for the packing
  • Tea packing method for an inner carton ( String and Tag tea bag, Pyramid Tea Bag, Loose tea)
  • Packaging and Logos Artwork
  • Printing Language

Private Label Packing

We can pack pure Ceylon teas under your own brand name.

ACRIL TEA (PVT) LTD undertakes value-added tea and will help you to create your own unique Private Label tea brand.

From inception to market, we will in all aspects develop your label to the highest standards.

Our experience and background in packaging will help your company maintain the growth and environment of a successful specialty tea brand.

Verities of tea bags

  • String and Tag packing – Naked Tea Bags.

  • Pyramid packing – Nylon Mesh

  • Pyramid packing – Soilon Mesh

Our minimum order quantity is just 500 number of Inner boxes.

We do guaranty the quality of packing with a transparent shrink wrapping for each carton. All other requirements can be fully customized.

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