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Acril Tea is one of the leading wholesale Ceylon tea, cinnamon, vanilla beans, and spices suppliers in Sri Lanka. We are truly passionate about manufacturing and supplying high-quality pure Ceylon tea, true cinnamon, and exquisite spices. Whether you own a small-scale or large-scale business, we at Acril Tea are there to carry off all your requirements at an affordable price, yet with top quality.

Browse our wide range of pure Ceylon products, let us know your packaging requirements, and get the best wholesale price. Moreover, our goal is to provide superior quality tea, cinnamon, and spices to the world market with trust and transparency. With an ever-expanding inventory, we supply the full range of wholesale teas, spices, vanilla beans, and cinnamon.

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Our website shows online retail prices with FREE shipping. If you are planning to buy more than 2 kg, just let us know for special rates.

We have attractive and competitive prices for all of our products if you go over 100 or 500kg. It means all the prices are dependent on the order quantity. If you want to get wholesale prices on our products, contact us at +94 72 825 1384 (WhatsApp/Viber) or email [email protected]

Furthermore, visit our Wholesale page for guides on buying wholesale.

Yes, we supply FREE samples, and standard samples are 25–30g from each grade. The courier cost of the samples should be paid by the client (sending via EMS, Aramex, FedEx, or DHL). Or else you can arrange a pickup from our location.

In addition, our samples page guides you to getting samples:

Yes, if you need to paste your label on our products and sell them as your own, we can arrange private label packaging according to your requirements.

Contact us at +94 72 825 1384 (WhatsApp/Viber) or [email protected] with your packaging requirements.

We use FedEx/Aramex and economy shipping options for small orders (web orders). Visit our shipping guide to get more detailed information.

Explore The Ceylon Tea

We produce an extraordinary variety of Ceylon tea and each tea has unique characteristics and tastes.
At Acril Tea, you can buy pure Ceylon black tea, green tea, white tea, herbal tea, and fruit teas. Therefore, choose the best quality tea grade that you want and check the wholesale price with order quantity.

Buy Organic Sri Lanka -We are USDA, EU, and JAS certified

Let’s buy organic and support keeping the environment healthy. We supply 100% organic Ceylon tea, true Ceylon cinnamon, vanilla beans and other spices (black pepper, clove, ginger, nutmeg, turmeric, moringa, etc.)

How Will pure Ceylon Cinnamon Be In The Future

Acril Tea is one of the leading cinnamon producers in Sri Lanka. And, we guarantee superior quality with our true Ceylon Cinnamon. Furthermore, we grow, manufacture, and export our finest cinnamon crop from our own estates in Sri Lanka. Therefore, you can buy different grades of cinnamon at different prices.

Are you looking for organic cinnamon in Sri Lanka? Yes, we supply 100% organic cinnamon.

Buy best Vanilla Beans from Sri Lanka

Our creamy vanilla beans are grown 100% organically. And, we use traditional sun-dried, and hand-cured methods to process the premium quality vanilla beans. Furthermore, our top priorities are a rich fragrance, a highly complex flavor, a creamy taste, and freshness sealed packaging.

Buy premium-quality vanilla beans, Pods, Powder, and Vanilla Extract at the best prices. 

Acril Spice Island gives it all its flavor!

At Acril Spice Island (ASI) we offer a wide range of spices, herbs, and culinary ingredients at the best wholesale prices. Therefore, we are the one-stop place to buy spices at the best prices. including black pepper, white pepper, cloves, nutmeg, ginger, etc.

Are you a retailer or a wholesaler? Start a business with Acril Tea?

We have attractive prices for wholesale orders. And, we are proud to supply premium quality Ceylon tea, true Cinnamon, Vanilla, and Other Spices at the best prices in Sri Lanka. The wholesale spices, Ceylon tea, and Cinnamon we sell are botanically pure, lab-tested, verified safe, and cost-competitive.

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