Wholesale Vanilla Beans

Vanilla grows as a vine and climbs up trees, poles, or other supports. Vanilla Beans Sri Lanka is new to the world market because Sri Lanka produced limited quantities in past years. This is one of the most expensive spices in Sri Lanka. Because of the high labor input of the cultivation, the vanilla crop gets a higher price.

Although the plant grows in the hill country area of Sri Lanka, it has now spread to the other areas of the island. For Examples, the Daraniyagala, Ratnapura, and Sinharaja rainforest areas. In addition, we identified main planting areas in the Kandy, Matale, and Kegalle areas in Sri Lanka.

We offer the best quality Vanilla Beans Sri Lanka at attractive wholesale prices. Our beans have a fruity smell and a darker color. Mainly, we manufacture Grade A vanilla beans, Grade B vanilla beans, vanilla bean powder, and vanilla bean paste.


Applications and Value

Vanilla Beans Sri Lanka is an economically important crop for the country. And Sri Lanka vanilla beans have a higher percentage of natural vanillin. Therefore, Sri Lanka`s vanilla beans have good demand in the market.

Further, we use vanilla beans as an ingredient in the following:

  • Cooking and Baking,
  • Perfume manufacturing
  • pharmaceutical industry.

The aroma and flavor of the cured bean give their commercial value. Therefore, the processing preserves the maximum aroma and flavor as well as the physical appearance.

As a leading supplier in Sri Lanka, Acril Tea supplies fully hand-cured vanilla beans to the international market. Therefore, you get an attractive price for your order.

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