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Best Vanilla Beans Sri Lanka

Vanilla Beans Wholesale: Everything You Need to Know

Vanilla is one of the most widely used flavoring agents in the world. It is used in a variety of desserts, baked goods, and cooked goods, as well as in some savory dishes. If you’re a baker, chef, or vanilla seller, you may be interested in purchasing vanilla beans wholesale. We are one of the leading vanilla producers and exporters in Sri Lanka, and we offer the best rates for wholesale orders. We source fresh green vanilla beans from our own plantations and select farmers in Sri Lanka for processing, and we manufacture cured vanilla beans, powder, and vanilla paste as well as vanilla extracts.

In Sri Lanka, vanilla grows in the hill country area, but it has now spread to other areas of the island. For example, the Daraniyagala, Ratnapura, and Sinharaja rainforest areas In addition, we identified main planting areas in the Kandy, Matale, and Kegalle areas of Sri Lanka. Vanilla beans are an important crop for the country’s economy. And Sri Lankan vanilla beans have a higher percentage of natural vanillin. 

This page will guide you through everything you need to know about buying vanilla beans wholesale.

What are vanilla beans?

Vanilla beans are the aromatic seed pods of the vanilla orchid plant. They are long and thin, with a rich, fragrant aroma. Vanilla beans are hand-pollinated and then cured and dried before they can be used. Vanilla grows as a vine and climbs up trees, poles, or other supports. They are the second-most expensive spice after saffron due to the extensive labor involved in producing them.

Why Buy Vanilla Beans Wholesale?

Buying vanilla beans wholesale can be more cost-effective than purchasing them individually. When you buy in bulk, you can get a better price per unit, and you can also ensure that you always have a supply of vanilla beans on hand for your baking or cooking needs.

Where to Buy Vanilla Beans Sri Lanka Wholesale?

You can purchase vanilla beans from food stores, online retailers, or directly from farmers or producers. When buying vanilla beans wholesale, it’s important to consider the quality of the beans, the price, and the reputation of the seller. We offer the best quality vanilla beans in Sri Lanka at attractive wholesale prices. Our beans have a fruity smell and a darker color. Mainly, we produce Grade A vanilla beansGrade B vanilla beans, vanilla bean powder, and vanilla bean paste.

1) Quality of vanilla beans

The quality of vanilla beans depends on their moisture content, aroma, and flavor profile. Look for beans that are plump, moist, and have a strong vanilla scent. The best quality vanilla beans will have a high vanillin content (approximately 2%) and a distinctive vanilla flavor.

2) Price of Vanilla Beans

Vanilla beans can vary in price depending on their quality, origin, and availability. The price of vanilla beans has fluctuated greatly in recent years due to a shortage of supply. In Sri Lanka, we still have very limited production of vanilla beans, so prices fluctuate with the demand for the beans.

3) The reputation of the Seller

When buying vanilla beans wholesale, it’s important to choose a reputable seller. Look for sellers who have positive reviews and a track record of providing high-quality beans. You can also check if the supplier has any certifications or partnerships with organizations that promote sustainable farming practices.  For example, USDA, EU, and JAS certifications

How to Store Vanilla Beans

Vanilla beans should be stored in an airtight container in a cool, dark place. Avoid storing vanilla beans in plastic bags or containers, as this can cause them to dry out and lose their flavor. The perfect packaging for storing vanilla beans is a glass-type container.

In conclusion, buying vanilla beans wholesale can be a great way to save money. When purchasing vanilla beans wholesale, consider the quality of the beans, the price, and the reputation of the seller. Properly storing your vanilla beans will also help preserve their flavor and aroma. With these tips, you’ll be well on your way to creating delicious desserts and dishes with the rich, aromatic flavor of vanilla. No fear, you can buy wholesale, premium-quality vanilla from Acril Tea at the best price in Sri Lanka.