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Acril Tea Organic Farming

Organic farming is good for the environment. Because certified organic farming assists in keeping the environment healthy. And also, it is good for you since organic food is free of pesticides and other chemicals. Therefore, it is considered one of the cleanest and healthiest farming processes.

When you buy organic products (such as organic tea, organic cinnamon, organic vanilla beans, or organic spices), you have to pay a higher price than non-organic products. Farmers need to make special arrangements and maintain a healthy ecosystem for their organic crops.

Also, since organic plantations do not allow chemical fertilizers, the farmers have to use naturally made fertilizers. As a result, organic products take more time, energy, money, and effort to plant, maintain, and harvest.

Organic Farming at Acril Tea

At Acril plantations, we produce our own organic fertilizers and use them for all our organic farming processes. We also use all-natural rainwater and springwater systems to feed the organic plantations. because this further enhances the quality of the organic crop by a noticeable margin. Moreover, at Acril plantations, we have dedicated organic breeding grounds. And this is where we allow natural organic plant breeding to take place.

As a result, we have been able to achieve high-quality organic plants. Especially when it comes to all organic tea, organic cinnamon, organic vanilla beans, and organic spices. We supply an exceptional selection of certified organic foods in the following categories: All of them come with the USDA, EU, and JAS organic certifications.

Do we allow Fair Trade?

As well as the organic farming process Acril products come under fair trade policies. Therefore, Acril Tea ensures the cup of tea you will receive will be the finest money can buy. Sri Lanka is a pioneer in the implementation and promotion of fair-trade work practices. Our efforts are recognized by the Fair Trade International standards for fair trade certification.

In short, when it comes to organic tea, vanilla beans, cinnamon, and spices, we maintain a 100% organic production system as well as fair trade policies from the beginning to the end.