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Our Team

At ACRIL TEA, our veteran team of experts has the capability to cater for a variety of pure Ceylon tea, cinnamon, vanilla, and many more spices. We are happy to supply products to our customers’ in different parts of the world.

ACRIL TEA guarantees our buyers a consistent quality, the best price, freshness, aroma sealed packaging, on-time delivery, and excellent customer service.

We invite energetic businesses to engage with us, in our brand expansion activities, and also, become the sole agent for ACRIL TEA in your area.

Join us, we will be the best choice for you.

Our Pride

Here at ACRIL TEA, we pride ourselves for being different from other Tea companies around the world.

We treat our customers individually, for each and every order. Our intent is to build a business relationship, that will last a lifetime. The customer is our priority, and our aim is to keep our customers happy.

We will be glad to assist you in any way we can, to ensure your complete satisfaction with our products.

We will always provide you with the highest level of customer service. we understand that our real business is you!

Our Brand: ACRIL TEA

Acril Tea was founded in order to reveal pure Ceylon tea, Cinnamon, and Vanilla to the world.

Therefore, Now we are well known outside Sri Lanka.

True gourmet teas delight your palate, from the minute you open the package and smell the aroma. AAAH! do you remember that smell of freshness? Doesn’t it make your mouth water, and you haven’t even tasted it yet?

Our organic teas are the crème a la crème of teas. 100% free of pesticides and also USDA, EU, JAS certified.
Our fair trade policies are the envy of many long historical companies. We are one family at ACRIL TEA, and our customers are also treated as a part of it.

We strive to meet your needs and supply the best products you have ever tasted.

Also, ACRIL TEA brings you the very best of Ceylon spices. So, we bring your food from the paradise isle of Sri Lanka.

Acril Holdings (Pvt) Ltd

“The Acril Holdings (Pvt) Ltd”, engaged business in many industries over the years to become a leading conglomerate in Sri Lanka.

So, We started our flagship brands “Acril Tea” to cater Ceylon Tea, Ceylon Cinnamon, Vanilla and other Sri Lanka Native spies to the world.

Also, Acril SEO is also full-service digital marketing and developing a company in Sri Lanka. we provide web developing, web hosting, search engine optimization, social media marketing, and digital marketing services.

Hellens Tea (Pvt) Ltd joined hands with Acril Holdings to bring the business to the next level, and carter Pure Ceylon tea to the world.

We are a team with committed and passionate people, finding ways to bring more value to our offerings. And also, this is an enjoyable and ever-growing company which represents the authenticity of Sri Lanka.

We invite businesses that are willing to grow and expand, to join with us.

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