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Our Team

ACRIL TEA and our veteran team of experts have the capability to cater for varying tastes of teas and requirements of customers in different parts of the world.

We guarantee and assures our buyers consistent quality, best price, freshness, aroma sealed packaging, timely deliveries, and excellent customer service.

We invite energetic businesses to engage with us in our brand expansion activities and become the sole agent for ACRIL TEA in your area.

Join with us, we will be the best choice for you.

Our Pride

Here at ACRIL TEA, we pride ourselves on being different from other Tea companies around the world.

We treat our customers individually in each and every orders. Our intent is to create relationships that will keep you happy and to be a company that you tell your friends about.

We will be glad to assist you in any way we can to ensure that you are completely happy with our products.

We will always provide you with the highest level of customer service. we understand that our real business is you!

Our Brand: ACRIL TEA

Acril Tea was founded out of the need to bring to the public teas that until now are little known outside of Sri Lanka.
True gourmet teas delight your palate. from the minute you open the package and smell the aroma, AAAH! do you remember that smell of fresh tea. Doesn’t it make your mouth water and you haven’t even tasted it yet?

From the first sip, you know you made the right choice Acril gourmet teas the choice of true connoisseurs worldwide.
Try our fruit teas, as you open the packet you are reminded of the long hazy summer days, flowers in the meadow and laden fruit trees.
Our fruit teas bring you a sheer delight for your taste buds tantalizing your palate with their fruity flavor.

Our organic teas are the crème a la crème of teas. 100% free of pesticides.
We are a young company but are growing fast, our fair trade policies are the envy of many long historical companies. We treat our workers as family first staff second.

you are customers are also our family first and customer second.

we will strive to meet your needs and supply some of the best teas you have ever tasted.

Acril tea also brings you the very best of Ceylon spices. Freshly prepared and shipped a true gourmet delight.

Herbs and spices in our supermarkets and stores let’s face it are not the freshest you can buy.
Bring your food to life with fresh herbs and spices from the paradise isle of Sri Lanka.