How Can We Help You?

Yes, you can get any of the five free samples before placing your initial order (free samples for selected items). And, we recommend you try our samples before placing an order. Please note that our normal sample pack weight is around 30–40 g.

There is no minimum order quantity with us. To put it to the test, try any number. 

Samples are totally free (only for selected items), but the courier cost of the samples should be paid by the customer. We use the express shipping option for the samples, and you will receive the tracking number after we dispatch.

Yes, if you need to produce any of our products under your label and sell them as your own, we can arrange it according to your requirements.

Contact us at +94 72 825 1384 (WhatsApp/Viber) or [email protected] with your packaging requirements.

Payment for your order can be made via online payment (credit cards or debit cards), T/T, or L/C.

All invoices will be drawn up by ACRIL Holdings (PVT) Ltd. and sent to the client by email with all instructions.

We’d love to hear from you. Please send us an email with your thoughts: [email protected].

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