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H1 Cinnamon Sticks


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Cinnamon Grade:  H1 Cinnamon Sticks

This H1 Cinnamon Sticks grade is one of the most popular among customers, especially in Latin American countries. Further, our H1 grade includes the finest and most expensive portions of the rough cinnamon bark. Also, this Hamburg (H) grade diameter size is approximately 21-23 mm.

In addition, we supply H1 grade in bulk and private label packaging. The common bulk packaging for H1 Cinnamon is a 21-inch cut-in-a-box or whole-stick packaging.

Our Cinnamon features pure Ceylon Certified Organic Cinnamon (USDA), the best cinnamon you can buy from Sri Lanka. Please note there may be subtle size differences in the production because all of these sticks are human-made sticks.

Cinnamon Wholesale

If you are in the food industry, you may be interested in buying cinnamon wholesale. To save money you have to buy cinnamon in bulk quantities at wholesale prices.

When purchasing wholesale cinnamon, it’s important to consider the quality, origin, and price of the product. Cinnamon can come in various forms, including ground cinnamon, cinnamon sticks, and cinnamon bark.

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