C5 Special Cinnamon Sticks

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Enjoy the rich, premium quality of C5 Special Cinnamon, a top-grade spice renowned for its tantalizing aroma and remarkable taste.

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Cinnamon Grade: C5 Special Cinnamon (C5 sp)

In the world of cinnamon, where flavor and fragrance reign supreme, the C5 Cinnamon Special grade emerges as a true gem. Often compared to the esteemed Alba Cinnamon, this grade stands out for its exceptional qualities and aroma. But what exactly are cinnamon sticks, and how do they differ from other forms of cinnamon? Let’s delve into the aromatic world of C5 Cinnamon Special and unravel these mysteries.

C5 Cinnamon Special Grade: A Delightful Alternative

What Makes C5 Cinnamon Special Grade exceptional?

C5 Cinnamon Special Grade stands out for its high quality and thickness, making it a premium choice among cinnamon grades. Although slightly thinner and more affordable than Alba Cinnamon, it’s still a favored premium alternative for quality-conscious consumers. Its rich flavor and aroma make it a favorite among cinnamon enthusiasts.

Our Commitment to Quality

At Acril Tea, we take pride in making our cinnamon directly from our own estate and processing it on our premises. This hands-on approach ensures that you receive the freshest and finest Continental-grade C5 special cinnamon sticks. With a diameter ranging from 8 to 12 mm, these sticks embody the essence of exceptional cinnamon.

Demystifying Cinnamon Sticks

Are Cinnamon Sticks the Same as Cinnamon?

Cinnamon sticks are indeed a form of cinnamon, but they represent one of the most iconic presentations of this beloved spice. Cinnamon, in its natural state, comes from the bark of the cinnamon tree. To create cinnamon sticks, the inner bark is carefully harvested and dried, resulting in those familiar cylindrical shapes.

What Exactly Is a Cinnamon Stick?

A cinnamon stick is a rolled or curled piece of cinnamon bark. These sticks are often used in cooking, baking, and flavoring various dishes and beverages. When added to recipes, they impart the warm, sweet, and aromatic essence that cinnamon is famous for. Cinnamon sticks are prized for their visual charm and gradual flavor release, while cinnamon powder offers convenience.

In conclusion, the C5 Cinnamon Special grade offers an alternative to the Alba Cinnamon. When you think of cinnamon sticks, envision these aromatic curled pieces of cinnamon bark that bring warmth and sweetness to your culinary creations. Whether you choose the convenience of cinnamon powder or the visual appeal of cinnamon sticks, cinnamon remains a beloved spice with a timeless allure.

Cinnamon Wholesale: Premium Quality at Competitive Prices

Our Cinnamon features pure Ceylon Certified Organic Cinnamon (USDA), the best cinnamon you can buy from Sri Lanka

When you search for a wholesale supplier of cinnamon, it’s important to look for the following:

  • Product Quality: True You can examine samples before placing your order.
  • Price: The price is the most important factor when you buy wholesale orders. You can do research and ask the supplier to give you your target price.
  • Capacity: Consider production capacity for large orders; the supplier must ensure control over quality and consistency.

Our wholesale Ceylon Cinnamon pricing will not always be the lowest, but we will not revert to using low-quality cinnamon to get the price down for your order. We supply only the highest-quality and premium Ceylon cinnamon at the most affordable and competitive prices.


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7 reviews for C5 Special Cinnamon Sticks

  1. Waylon

    I love this Cinnamon. This product is an excellent example of the cinnamon originating from Sri Lanka. Quality product! Very good cinnamon!
    Very pleased with this purchase.

  2. Alonzo

    This is true cinnamon from a great company. I compared cinnamon to the cinnamon I used to buy at the store. The smell, color, and texture are totally different. Very nice.

  3. Bill George

    I really like it!! I drink it in my coffee every morning!!!

  4. James

    Good quality product and especially useful for those who use cinnamon sticks. I really like it.
    great seller.

  5. Jeremaih

    Wow! Very good cinnamon! You can actually taste the difference between Ceylon and Cassia cinnamon sticks. I prefer Ceylon cinnamon.
    I recommend this company and will order from them.

  6. Sandy

    Excellent find !!!! I bought a 1KG ceylon cinnamon packet a and I use these cinnamon sticks to make cinnamon tea every day. Will definitely continue to purchase in the future.

  7. Bart

    The cinnamon stick is of high quality, and delivery is quick.

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