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Black Pepper

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Our black pepper (machine cleaned) delivers a robust, fruity, hot spicy flavor. And, you can buy the highest quality ground pepper as well as whole peppers from Acril Tea. Furthermore, black peppercorn is one of the essential spices in every household and is the most used spice in the world.

In addition, our peppercorn comes from our own estates in Sri Lanka as well as farmers who passed the quality control tests.

Further, Sri Lankan pepper has a higher piperine content. It is 2-6 times higher than in other countries. Therefore, Sri Lankan pepper is considered the best pepper in the world.

Grade Black Pepper 550GL
Size 1.3mm-3mm
Color Jet black
Moisture Content 10%
Flavor Profile The robust, pungent, and earthy flavor
Ingredients Organic Peppercorns
Product Style Whole and Ground Pepper
Shelf Life 1 year
Basic Preparation Use pepper powder or ground pepper on any meal to get a spicy taste and heat
Handling / Storage Store in a cool, dry place
Country of Origin Sri Lanka
Dietary Preferences All-Natural, Gluten-Free, Non-GMO

However, we recommend adding our freshly ground pepper over soups, salads, and veggies, to improve the taste of spice and heat. You’ll love the taste of fresh ground pepper on any meal.

Organic Black Pepper Sri Lanka (True 100% Certified Organic)

Our organic peppercorns come from USDA-NOP and EU-certified estates and gardens in Sri Lanka. Therefore, they have NO contamination of chemicals, and the land and organic process are certified by Control Union Sri Lanka.

In addition, it is the Sri Lanka branch of Control Union Certifications of the Netherlands. And, our peppercorns are packaged under hygienic conditions, and our quality control team checks before the shipments.

Buying peppercorns wholesale in bulk

When purchasing Pepper wholesale, it’s also important to consider the followings,

  • Quality of spices
  • Packaging and shipping options.
  • Price

If you are a retail or wholesale supplier of peppercorns in your area, we suggest you buy the best quality pepper at our wholesale prices. When purchasing at wholesale prices, you can save 30-40% on the same products as before.

And, we are 100% sure that once you buy wholesale from us, you will not need to look for any other supplier.

At Acril Tea, we guarantee consistent quality, freshness, aroma-sealed packaging, timely deliveries, and excellent customer service. In short, we take great pride in offering premium quality black pepper in Sri Lanka.

In addition, our company has the capacity to produce private-label custom packaging for your pepper order. We produce different types of packaging.

Therefore, you can simply go with any type of packaging you want with us.

Please get a quote for your wholesale orders. For any contact requests, email us at [email protected]. Or contact us by WhatsApp: +94 72 825 1384.

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7 reviews for Black Pepper

  1. Worldofdreams 2020

    wonderful fresh and a very delicious Black pepper flavor
    just perfect – so much better tasting then what we bought at our local gourmet store
    and so much cheaper price + FREE shipping

  2. Derek Doherty

    Very good quality peppercorns. Arrived fresh and taste great. I got a good price for my wholesale order. looking forward to buy more!

  3. Patrick

    They taste fresh and work well in my electric grinder.
    I can definitely taste a difference between these and your normal dollar store or Walmart peppercorns.
    These have had sort of a warm, pleasant taste without being overpowering.
    I personally love them.

  4. Linda D.

    I’ve brought pre-ground – this really is a good one. really loved it so far.

  5. Lupo Roma

    Bought this bulk package of peppercorns to save a bit of money versus buying them in smaller quantities. These peppercorns have a very bright and sharp flavor. Very fresh taste. I`d recommend Sri Lankan black pepper. This is a great buy for a very high-quality product.

  6. Mrs Miggins

    I love the taste of this pepper. I’ve been using it in my pepper grinder over the past week and it adds wonderful flavor to foods. It’s not too pungent or strong. Just a medium and smooth bite that makes food much tastier!

  7. Karen Beth Martin

    Lovely Sri Lankan peppercorns. Super-fresh so they are easy to grind. Very flavorful and fragrant.

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