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500GL Black Pepper


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Black Pepper 500GL Sri Lanka

Country of origin: Sri Lanka | 500GL Black Pepper

Black pepper is mostly consumed spice in the world as a substitute for chilies.

In Sri Lanka, you will find the best quality black pepper with a piperine content 2-6 fold higher than in other countries. Therefore, we identify Sri Lankan black pepper as the world`s best black pepper.

Further, this is the second grade of black pepper after 550GL black pepper grade in the market. And also, we are supplying 500-600 rang GL sizes black pepper in the market.

We use a natural sun-dry method and a machine clean system for all our black peppers.

in addition, harvesting after 7-8 months of maturity time, and this 500GL Black Pepper grade has a uniform attractive black color.

We use bulk packaging 25kgs & 50 kgs bags and private label packing for the black pepper. In addition, we offer pure organic black pepper in Sri Lanka.

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