Organic Tea Production in Sri Lanka

The Journey of Organic Tea Production in Sri Lanka

Organic cultivation is rising in Sri Lanka, with high demand from both local and international markets. Additionally, this trend has proven beneficial for both the environment and the economy. Opting for organic tea ensures a healthier source. While it’s true that organic products generally come with a higher price tag than conventional ones,
The IFOAM is the world’s leading organization on organic production and processing, setting rules for the industry. So, organically grown tea skips commercial fertilizers, making it residue-free and natural. Some say organic tea has a stronger and tastier flavor than regular tea.

If you’re into organic tea, look for the organic certification seal on the packaging. This seal means the tea plantation follows strict organic rules. The USDA’s National Organic Program keeps an eye on things, like soil health, plant types, pest control, and environmental benefits.

So, if you are looking for a healthy organic tea, look no further than Acril Organic Tea; we are USDA, EU, and JAS-certified tea suppliers in Sri Lanka.
At Acril, we proudly present a diverse range of USDA, EU, and JAS-certified organic teas, including black, green, and white teas. All our teas are crafted without artificial fertilizers or pesticides.

Organic Production

Explore our Range of Fairtrade Organic Teas

We’re committed to fair trade methods, creating fair partnerships between sellers, buyers, and farmers. We guarantee fair prices for our tea farmers and uphold sustainable trading practices through our fair trade-certified tea estates.

Fairtrade ensures workers are treated well, sustainability happens locally, and prices are fair. It fits with what socially responsible consumers believe in. When organizations form trading partnerships, they get the guaranteed Fairtrade Minimum Price, supporting a trading environment that lasts.

Our organic and fair-trade teas aren’t just good for health and the environment; they also taste really good. Acril Tea’s options have a fuller, richer flavor, and they support sustainable and ethical practices.

Using toxic chemicals is dangerous for workers and their families. It also harms the environment they depend on. Applying harmful chemicals to locally grown crops directly affects their quality of life. Therefore, organic tea farming promotes sustainability, and diverse crop production, and helps wildlife thrive. However, organic is better for the environment. Taking care of nature through sustainable farming helps everyone—farmers and consumers alike.

When you choose organic tea, you support positive change in tea-growing communities. Further, this change has helped people and the planet for generations.

Why not explore our teas today and experience the difference for yourself?

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