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Organic Tea Production in Sri Lanka

Organic tea Sri Lanka

Acril Organic Tea: As one of the leading tea suppliers in Sri Lanka, Acril Tea offers a wide selection of certified (USDA, EU, and JAS) organic tea in Sri Lanka. Therefore, we offer the finest quality from Sri Lanka without any artificial fertilizer or pesticides.
Furthermore, organically processed tea always treats your body in a healthy way. We have an organically grown version of all varieties of Ceylon tea. For example, we have organic versions of black tea, green tea, and white tea. Therefore, you have come to the right place to buy pure Ceylon organic tea from Sri Lanka.

Organic production in Sri Lanka

Organic production is increasing day by day. Moreover, the demand in the world market during the past decade shows positive growth. Further, there is a high farming interest and demand for production in Sri Lanka.
Organic products typically carry a higher price than non-organic (conventional) products. Furthermore, organic farming is a sustainable form of agriculture for both ecological and economic reasons.
Sri Lanka produces certified organic products for the world market. For example, we produce tea, cinnamon, vanilla beans, pepper, and other spices.
The International Federation of Organic Agriculture (IFOAM) is the world’s body of organic production and processing. They provide all the rules and regulations for organic agriculture.

The main benefit of organically grown tea is that it does not require commercial fertilizer or insecticide. They are free of chemical residue. Some people claim that organically processed tea has a fuller, richer flavor than non-organically grown tea.

Buying fairtrade organic tea

Fairtrade about better prices for products, ethical working conditions, local sustainability, and fair terms of trade for farmers and workers in the developing world.

Fair Trade Tea is produced under fair trade standards. Organizations create trading partnerships between the seller, buyer, and farmer. The Fair Trade producers guarantee to receive at least the Fairtrade Minimum Price for their tea and a sustainable level of trading.

Therefore, we have fair trade certified tea estates to supply tea with a fair partnership.

We at Acril Tea always support sustainable and healthy farming practices. We supply premium-quality food as part of a healthy lifestyle.

Acril Tea’s organic and fair-trade tea is delicious!