The Best Pure Ceylon Organic Cinnamon Supplier Sri Lanka

Are you looking here to find Organic Cinnamon Supplier Sri Lanka? From Acril Tea, you get USDA certified, and best quality true Cinnamon. In addition, How do you know you’re buying true organic Cinnamon? Organic means grew without pesticides. Therefore, we arrange a USDA transaction certificate for each and every Cinnamon order to ensure, organic production.

Our organic Cinnamon must not only pass USDA certification; it must meet our own exacting standards for quality and taste. Therefore, you buy the best quality Organic true Cinnamon from us.

Our top-selling organic Cinnamon grades

We produce the following organic Cinnamon grades,

  1. Cinnamon Powder
  2. ALBA Cinnamon
  3. C5 Special Cinnamon
  4. C5 Cinnamon
  5. H1 Cinnamon
  6. H2 Cinnamon
  7. Quillings 01, 02 and 03
  8. Cinnamon Oil

Apart from the above grades, we produce other grades such as C4, M4, M5 for client requirements.


How do we produce organic Cinnamon (True 100% Certified Organic)?

As an Organic Cinnamon Supplier, we must be careful to make sure that the Cinnamon bark doesn’t get contaminated at any stage. That includes things like the bags that we put harvest into and send around the world.

However, for the production, We use Cinnamon from selected organic estates, as well as our own estate. Importantly, We never do the surfer treatment for the Cinnamon bark. Therefore, you will see a little darker in color compared with Conventional Cinnamon.

Organic Cinnamon and Non Organic Cinnamon
Organic Cinnamon and Non-Organic Cinnamon


We all have a liability to grow organically and safe global environment. In addition, by choosing organic cinnamon, you support change that starts at the level of the cinnamon growing communities. Therefore, it benefits people and the planet for generations to come.