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Best Selling Spices In the United States


It’s no secret that Americans love spices. But it is very hard to identify the top selling spices In the United States Because, American cuisine is also very inventive in using pre-prepared meals, finished sauces, and so on as ingredients for semi-homemade dishes. Therefore, they use a lot of spices to get the best taste. Further, the USA has been the world’s largest spice importer and consumer for a very long time. Also, the United States imports more than 50 different spices from different countries. For example, cinnamon, pepper, cloves,

Selecting the top-selling spices i can be extremely difficult. because they are using a wide range of spices for the dishes. Here, we’ll highlight five top-selling spices and introduce you to them.


05 Spices In the United States

01. Peppercorns

Peppercorns are actually the tiny fruits of a flowering vine. Black pepper, white pepper, green pepper, and red pepper can be harvested from the same plant. However, after harvesting and sun drying, it gets color with wrinkled skin. It also grows in tropical regions in Southeast Asia. Further, some of the best peppercorns come from Sri Lanka. In other words, Sri Lanka Pepper has more piperine content.

In addition, Pepper was the world’s 583rd most traded product in 2018.

02. Ginger

The USA is the top importer of ginger in the world. According to the import data of the USA, they buy around the US $105.8 million per year, represented by 80,000 tons of ginger. In addition, you will find local ginger, Rangoon ginger, and Chinese ginger in the Sri Lankan market.

03. Cinnamon

Cinnamon is the only spice used in the modern kitchen. It comes from a cinnamon tree and is true Cinnamon native to Sri Lanka. In addition, Ceylon cinnamon tends to be expensive because of the handcrafted process. When it comes to harvesting the cinnamon and making roll sticks in multiple thin layers, it needs huge labor involvement. However, 25% of the cinnamon market demand in the USA is fulfilled by true Sri Lankan Ceylon Cinnamon. However, imported FAKE cinnamon with high levels of coumarin can be found in the US market.

04. Cloves

Cloves are the aromatic unopened flower buds of plants in the Myrtaceae family. Furthermore, its botanical name is Syzygium aromaticum. Sri Lanka is one of the leading suppliers of cloves. In the USA, they are using cloves for their rich flavor in pickles, drinks, curries, and meats. Therefore, you will find cloves in every household in the USA.

05. Nutmeg

Nutmeg is a seed of the tree, and it comes with another spice, mace. However, it is egg-shaped and about 20 to 30 mm (0.8 to 1.2 in) long and 15 to 18 mm (0.6 to 0.7 in) wide, weighing between 5 and 10 g.

Discover the Best Spices from Sri Lanka

Finding the best spices means the species should come in good quality and at the best possible price. Don’t be afraid to mix things up and try something new. As one of the leading spice suppliers in Sri Lanka, we provide a wide variety of bulk spices in whole and ground forms.

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