Russian Earl Grey Tea

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Tea Grade: Russian Earl Grey Tea

Our Russian Earl Grey tea is delicately blended with highland black tea grades. Acril Natural Earl Grey tea and spiced lemongrass leaves make a bright golden-reddish colored liquor with sweet, fragrant Russian Earl Grey tea. The aroma is light and subtle, allowing the lemony bergamot to be more pronounced.

A perfect and popular afternoon tea, you’ll find it round and rich. In addition, this is one of the most consumed tea grades in the flavored tea category.

Tea was first introduced to Russia in 1618 by a Chinese ambassador to Russia. At the time, Russians used to drink warm fruit and herbal beverages. Furthermore, tea was not very popular at first. Over time, the Russians decided to enhance tea by adding fruit and spices. Today, Russians are among the world’s highest per capita tea drinkers.

Ingredients: Highland Pure Ceylon Earl Grey Tea, Lemongrass Leaves.

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3 reviews for Russian Earl Grey Tea

  1. Anna

    Nice tea, I tried only one time but now addicted. Thanks for helping me to set up my business here in Ukraine đŸ™‚

  2. Elle Amalie

    Wonderful flavour. It is a great morning pick-me-up. The orange and lemongrass balance so well with the black tea. This tea, I will always keep in my stock.

  3. Crypto Hix

    good article very helpful