Gunpowder Green Tea

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Tea Grade: Gunpowder Green Tea

When we produce the Gunpowder Green tea, we use the same process as other green teas. But, after the steaming process, the tea is tightly rolled into a small round pellet. This tea is sometimes called pearl tea or bead tea based on the shape of each tiny tea pellet.

Further, people call it “gunpowder” because one of the main reasons for

  • The tea is well curled and tightened, and it looks like a small ball or pearl.
  • When you pour boiling water into the tea, you will see all the large tea leaves spread out immediately. It appears just like an explosion.

Gunpowder tea has a unique production method. Therefore, it has another name, “pearl green tea,” as a result of its shape.

However, our Gunpowder tea gives a powerful, rich, and full-bodied cup with a hint of smokiness and a smooth mouthfeel.

We use Gunpowder tea blends with spearmint to create the famous “Moroccan Mint” tea. In addition, this is a good fat-burning tea. Gunpowder green tea is brewed to suit everyone’s taste and provides a whole range of benefits. Gunpowder is a perfect summer tea because it’s light, refreshing, and great for instant cooling.

Furthermore, we are supplying 100% organic USDA, EU and JAS certified pure Ceylon green tea in Sri Lanka.

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1 review for Gunpowder Green Tea

  1. fer hernandaz

    Happy to say, i’m using this tea since few months.That’s the best tea I ‘ve ever used