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In the world of cinnamon, one variety stands out as the thinnest, smoothest, and most prestigious among its peers—the ALBA cinnamon grade.

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ALBA Ceylon Cinnamon

Cinnamon Grade: ALBA

This is the thinnest, smoothest, and most expensive top cinnamon grade in the cinnamon bark family. Therefore, the ALBA cinnamon grade has the highest price in the market because of its unique characteristics. In addition, the ALBA cinnamon grade`s standard diameter size is 6–10 mm (very thin and similar to pencils).

However, there may be subtle size differences in the production because all of these sticks are human-made. Furthermore, the ALBA cinnamon grade has a good taste and a fresh, pleasant aroma compared to the other grades.

Also, Alba cinnamon has a very light golden brown color and a nice texture. C5 Special Cinnamon Grade shows similar attributes to the ALBA

Ceylon Alba Cinnamon: A Delicate Wonder

  • Benefits of Cinnamon Alba

It is celebrated for its exquisite taste and fresh, pleasant aroma, setting it apart from other grades. It’s a very light golden brown color, and attractive textures add to the allure.

  • Quality of Cinnamon Alba

When it comes to quality, ALBA cinnamon reigns supreme as the top grade in the cinnamon family. Its thinness, aroma, and taste make it the most sought-after variety among connoisseurs. The C5 special cinnamon grade shares attributes similar to ALBA, offering a premium cinnamon experience.

Main Facts Behind Organic Alba Cinnamon

We believe that buying organic cinnamon is better for you than buying regular cinnamon. From Acril Tea, you get USDA, EU, and JAS-certified organic cinnamon. But how do you know you’re buying true organic cinnamon?

If you buy organic cinnamon, it must grow in an organic environment without pesticide residues. Therefore, we arrange a transaction certificate for each and every cinnamon order to ensure that you are buying organic cinnamon. It is issued by the Sri Lanka Control Union, which is the governing body of organic farming in Sri Lanka.

However, what are the main differences in the appearance of organic cinnamonOrganic cinnamon shows a little dark texture compared to conventional cinnamon. This comes with the sulfur treatment of cinnamon. Because if we do the sulfur treatment, it enhances the color of cinnamon sticks.

Most importantly, if we do the sulfur treatment on the cinnamon, we can extend the self-life of the cinnamon because it protects it from insects.

How to buy cinnamon at a wholesale rate?

If you are looking for wholesale cinnamon and where to buy cinnamon online, You are in the right place! Because we supply wholesale cinnamon at the best prices to wholesale and retail buyers, shops, hotels, restaurants, retail/grocery outlets, and cinnamon cafes.

However, our wholesale Ceylon Cinnamon pricing will not always be the lowest, but we will not revert to using low-quality cinnamon to get the price down to get your order. We supply only the highest-quality and premium Ceylon cinnamon at the most affordable and competitive prices.

You are welcome to contact us at [email protected] for the best custom price quote for wholesale Ceylon Cinnamon. You can also contact us through WhatsApp at +94728251384.

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11 reviews for ALBA Cinnamon Sticks

  1. windy

    This smells and tastes much better. It’s a sweeter. It’s really flavorful cinnamon. A little bit of pricey, but Very pleased with this purchase.

  2. Jasper

    High quality, wonderful aroma. This is the real cinnamon, unlike cassia labeled as Saigon Cinnamon, or some other locale that’s not Ceylon. These sticks are easy to crumble in your hands. I really like this cinnamon. I recommend this company and will order from them over again!!!

  3. windy

    Best cinnamon I have never bought. I like this cinnamon. To me, it tastes like a good cinnamon.

  4. Claire

    I’m usually buying from this company. so I had high expectations for true Ceylon cinnamon. they are thinner, have a lighter color and has a lovely fresh smell. As well as great customer service. I will be purchasing more for sure!

  5. Austin

    Everyone needs to try this cinnamon. To me, it’s taste, color, the smell is very good. As well as quick response and very good customer service. I would definitely purchase it again in the future.

  6. Jak

    The quality of the cinnamon is just amazing and these smell sooo good. This is my favourite cinnamon. but not the cheap stuff like cassisa.

  7. cooper

    I ordered wholesale bulk ALBA cinnamon sticks so many times for my business. So I would like to thank you Dhan, it was very easy to work with you specially your quick response and flexibility. Before I choose this company I got so many troubles, like very late email replies, some legal problems, etc. Now I’m continuing my order with a very easy way with Acril Team and buying ALBA, cinnamon powder, C5 SPECIAL, and C4 cinnamon. They have very good quality cinnamon sticks, very fresh, golden brown colour, good aroma. My buyers are also very satisfied. I highly recommend this company without any worries. thanks again for the priceless help

  8. William los

    Best quality cinnamon I ever had, thank you for all arrangements and looking for to discuss new order

  9. Deven M

    I purchased ALBA cinnamon from a different company and they were horrible. Decided to try Acril Tea. I brought 10kg true Ceylon Cinnamon ALBA from Acril and they offered me a special wholesale price 🙂 now I don’t think I would order from anywhere else. Customer service is exceptional as well. Thank you, Michelle!

  10. windy

    This smells and tastes much better. It’s sweeter. It’s really flavorful cinnamon. A little bit pricey, but Very pleased with this purchase.

  11. Robin wotson (CS group)

    The best quality ALBA cinnamon I have ever tried. Outstanding customer care. Thanks team Acril for wonderful service.

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