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Where is vanilla cultivation in Sri Lanka?


Vanilla cultivation areas in Sri Lanka

Vanilla is a variety of orchids and it is the second most expensive spice in the world. Of the 20000 orchids, vanilla is the only orchid we use for food. It needs a tree, pole, or other support to grow because it grows as a vine. We have to maintain this plant very carefully until harvesting. vanilla plantation needs high labor involvement.

In Sri Lanka, the central hill countryside has good weather (wet weather) conditions to grow vanilla. The most popular and fastest growing areas are Kandy, Nuwara Eliya, Matale, and Kegalle.

At present, vanilla cultivation is spreading to Daraniyagla, Ratnapura, and the Sinharaja forest range. Vanilla grows well at 1000 meters above sea level, with temperatures ranging from 20 to 30 degrees Celsius, and rainfall ranging from 2000 to 2500 millimeters.

Furthermore, vanilla is a shade-loving plant and the supportive trees give 50–60% shade to the plant.

Standard quality specifications to identify good quality vanilla beans

Length of Beans/pods 6 inches – 9 inches
Smell Inherited vanilla smell/ sweet, creamy, and aromatic
Color Dark brown or black color
Appearance Soft/Shiny oily surface
Moisture around 25%-30%
Cleanness Lack of extraneous matter, animal o plant parts, or insects

Vanilla is a fully natural and organically grown spice in all growing regions.

So, they grow in rich organic soil, and the farmers apply compost at the beginning of each rainy season.


Purchasing a vanilla bean is the ultimate for cooking, the cosmetic industry, and the pharmaceutical industry. Hence, it is widely used for its fragrance and anti-aging benefits.

As a leading supplier in Sri Lanka, Acril supplies fully hand-cured vanilla beans to the international market. Buy our premium quality vanilla, the seeds or pods, as a natural flavoring in your food or for industrial uses.


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  • Reply Asitha - September 15, 2019

    it’s good for knowledge. but some more details.

  • Reply J.M.Siyam - January 10, 2020

    I want venilla to make ? please details ?

    • Reply admin - January 10, 2020

      We supply only Vanilla beans and we do not sell plants. However, you can get info from +94728251384

      • Reply Joel Jolly - February 2, 2020

        Is there vanilla beans available now?

        • Reply admin - February 2, 2020

          Hi Joel,

          Yes, Vanilla beans are available with us throughout the year. so just let us know your requirements? Contact on +94728251384 (WhatsApp/Viber)

  • Reply Csaba Ory-Toth - January 26, 2020

    Hi. I want to buy vanilla beans. How much is the price of 1 kg. What quality is it? Am I still in Sri Lanka (Mirissa) for 3 days, can I still get the departure? Thank you for your response! Csaba

    • Reply admin - February 2, 2020

      Hi, Could you contact on +94728251384 for new prices and all the info about Vanilla

  • Reply Joel Jolly - February 2, 2020

    I want vanilla beans from srilanka, where should i get it?

    • Reply admin - February 2, 2020

      Hi, Could you contact on +94728251384 for new prices and all the info about Vanilla

  • Reply Kms Wimalaweera - April 8, 2020

    Very useful information because I am planning to cultivate vanilla in Sri Lanka thanks a lot

  • Reply Gajaman - May 18, 2020

    What’s the type vanilla grown in Sri lanka? Is it panifolia only? What’s the popular type?

    • Reply admin - May 18, 2020

      In Sri Lanka, We grow Vanilla planifolia as same as other Vanilla growing countries. Therefore, you can buy the same grades from Sri Lanka too. We process Grade A vanilla beans as well as Grade B vanilla extract grade.

  • Reply Scott - May 29, 2020

    I read a lot of posts here. Probably you spend a whole lot of time writing,
    Thanks for sharing!
    Best regards,
    Harrell Cannon

  • Reply Elena - July 31, 2020

    I am really pleased to say it is an interesting post to read.

    I learn new information from your article, you do an excellent job.

    Best regards,
    Thompson Cannon

  • Reply Janaka Lasantha Perera - September 7, 2020

    What about the Gampaha District to plant Vanilla ?

    • Reply admin - October 21, 2020

      It is a shade loving plant and you can plant. but you can get advice from the Ministry of Agriculture

  • Reply Marti - January 8, 2021

    Thanks for this great article. We are running a tourist resort in Kalpitiya and we would to like grow vanilla just to show it to customers, no need for high yields. We just would like it to grow and ideally to bloom and give beans. Can you recommend something? Thanks a lot.

    • Reply admin - January 9, 2021

      Hi Marti,

      We are exporting vanilla beans from Sri Lanka, for Plantation advice you can contact the Ministry of Agriculture Sri Lanka.

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