Organic farming is good for the environment. Because certified organic farming assists in keeping the environment healthy. And also, it is good for you, since organic food is free of pesticides and other chemicals. Although, when you buy organic products (such as Organic Tea, Organic Cinnamon, Organic vanilla beans, or Organic spices), you have to pay a higher price compared to non-organic products.

This is because farmers need to make special arrangements and maintain a better and healthy ecosystem for the organic crops. Also, since organic plantations do NOT allow chemical fertilizers, the farmers have to use naturally made fertilizer. As a result, organic products take more time, energy, money, and effort to plant, maintain and harvest.

Organic Farming at Acril Tea

At Acril plantations, we produce our very own organic fertilizer. Further, we use all-natural rainwater/ spring water systems to feed the organic plantations. Because this further enhances the quality of the organic crop by a noticeable margin. Moreover, at Acril plantations, we have dedicated organic breeding grounds. And this is where we allow natural organic plant breeding to take place.

As a result, we have been able to achieve high-quality organic plants. Especially when it comes to all organic tea, Cinnamon, vanilla beans, and organic spices. We supply an exceptional selection of certified organic foods in the following categories. And, all of them come with the USDA, EU, and JAS organic certification.

Do we allow Fair Trade?

we are Fair Trade certified. And therefore, you can also be proud of doing business with us. Since Acril Tea is an organization that values and respects the Fair-Trade certification and labor standards.

In short, when it comes to organic tea, vanilla beans, cinnamon, and spices, we maintain a 100% organic production system from the beginning to the end.

Organic Ceylon Tea

We supply high-quality organic tea from Sri Lanka. And, we are able to offer quality organic tea to our consumers at reasonable costs because all our teas come from our own estates.  Most importantly, we maintain our very own organic tea estates all across the country. Therefore, we have a huge variety of Ceylon organic teas for your organic purchase.

Organic Ceylon Cinnamon

At Acril tea, you can also explore a range of the best quality organic Ceylon Cinnamon. All of our Cinnamon grades come directly from our organic cinnamon farms that are owned and maintained by the local families. They use pure Ceylon organic methods of planting, maintaining, and harvesting the organic cinnamon crops.

And due to this reason, the quality of our organic cinnamon products is exquisite. Although we produce a limited variety of organic cinnamon grades, therefore, you can buy ALBA, C5 Special, C5, C4, M5, H cinnamon grade, and Cinnamon powder.

We are proud to be part of the local community, helping them through our efforts.

Organic Vanilla Beans

Acril Tea offers the best Organic vanilla beans and other Vanilla products to the world. With our highest quality organic vanilla beans, you’ll discover an incredible flavor profile and an indescribable scent.

Further, the bean’s sweet, creamy flavor and velvety after-tones pair perfectly with your cooking and baking applications. The use of the actual organic vanilla seeds adds a gourmet visual delight to dishes such as ice cream, custards, and crème brûlées.

Organic Spices

We harvest most of our organic spices from our own estates but we have set up spice collecting centers all around Sri Lanka. As a result, we are able to collect the best quality organic spices from organic growers across the country. 

Our network of organic spice suppliers commits to maintaining sustainable Orgainc farming and production practices.