Premium quality grade A Sri Lanka Vanilla beans/Pods (6~8″)


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GRADE: Premium Vanilla Beans, Pods, Grade A

This is our premium range of Grade A vanilla beans from Sri Lanka, with each bean measuring 15+ cm (6-8 inches) in length. These vanilla beans are exceptional for flavoring, baking, cooking, and various culinary applications.

Moreover, our expert team meticulously selects premium-quality beans from our production. Additionally, premium vanilla beans boast a higher weight compared to other vanilla grades.

Fresh Gourmet’s premium vanilla beans are sourced from our own estates. The Grade A beans measure between 6 to 9 inches (approximately 15-20 cm) in length, with an average moisture content of 25%, rendering them soft, pliable, and packed with countless tiny vanilla seeds.

Sri Lankan Bourbon beans are renowned for their rich, creamy flavor and heavenly aroma. Furthermore, our stringent triple inspection process guarantees that only the finest quality beans are dispatched, assessing their size, scent, and aroma.

Due to the substantial labor costs associated with cultivation, vanilla stands as one of the most expensive spices in Sri Lanka. Moreover, the vanilla plant thrives in the hilly regions and under wet weather conditions in Sri Lanka.

We identify the districts of Kandy, Nuwara Eliya, Matale, and Kegalle as prime vanilla-growing regions in Sri Lanka. At Acril Tea, we offer certified organic vanilla beans (USDA, EU, and JAS) as well as conventional vanilla beans in Sri Lanka. However, we strictly refrain from using artificial fertilizers in our vanilla estates, as vanilla plants do not necessitate their usage.

How to identify good quality vanilla beans

  1. Check the vanilla smell—sweet, creamy, and aromatic.
  1. Dark brown or black in color; soft, shiny, oily surface on the beans; flexible
  1. It should be easy to roll between your two fingers; you should be able to tie a knot without breaking the bean. If it breaks, that’s because the bean is too dry. Conduct this test to ensure you select only the best quality beans!

We take great pride in being able to offer such excellent, hand-cured, premium-quality beans in Sri Lanka.

How to Use Premium Vanilla Beans

There are numerous ways to utilize Grade A vanilla beans in cooking and baking. One of the most popular methods is to make homemade vanilla extract. To make vanilla extract, split a vanilla bean and soak it in high-proof alcohol like vodka or vegetable glycerin. Allow the mixture to sit for several weeks or months, shaking it occasionally until the vanilla flavor has fully infused.

Additionally, you can use Grade A vanilla beans to flavor dairy products such as milk, cream, and yogurt. Just add a split vanilla bean to the dairy product and gently heat it until it reaches the desired flavor profile.

Furthermore, vanilla beans can be used to infuse sugar or honey, resulting in a delicious vanilla-flavored sweetener. You can purchase wholesale Premium Vanilla Beans from Acril Tea at the best prices available in Sri Lanka.

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6 reviews for Premium quality grade A Sri Lanka Vanilla beans/Pods (6~8″)

  1. William Thomas

    Acril’s Grade A vanilla beans are a game-changer! Perfectly suited for homemade vanilla extract, baking, and more. Exceptional quality and unbeatable value.

  2. David Lee

    Absolutely delighted with the Grade A vanilla beans from Acril! They’re wonderfully plump, fragrant, and add an unparalleled depth of flavor to my baking.

  3. Joseph Harris

    The Grade A vanilla beans from Acril are top-notch! They arrived fresh and moist, and the aroma is simply divine. Couldn’t be happier with my purchase!

  4. Daniel Young

    Impressed beyond words with the Grade A vanilla beans from Acril! The beans are beautifully long and pliable, bursting with intense vanilla flavor. Highly recommend!

  5. Latoria Veltkamp

    My first attempt at making vanilla extract with these beans. Very tasty and easy to process!

  6. Matthew Scott

    The Grade A vanilla beans from Acril are hands down the best I’ve ever used! From their rich aroma to their superior quality, these beans take my recipes to a whole new level. Thank you, Acril, for providing such outstanding products!

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