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Tea Grade: PF Black Tea (Pekoe Fannings Black Tea)

The PF black tea grade is thicker and yields many more cups of drinking tea. This tea grade is also produced using the method of CTC. It is a faster way of producing a standard quality tea.

CTC-type tea always shows small brown nugget types of tea particles. Therefore, when it comes to production, freshly harvested whole tea leaves are fed into the CTC machines. Then the machines crush, tear, and curl (CTC) them and process them in a period of just about two hours.

This Pekoe Fannings tea grade shows granules of black tea with a blackish brown color in appearance and a very strong taste with or without milk.

Normally, CTC-type tea is very strong and makes more cups per kg. Further, CTC types of tea are produced mainly in low and mid-grown tea areas in Sri Lanka.

At Acril Tea, we supply certified organic tea (USDA, EU, and JAS) as well as conventional tea in Sri Lanka.

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