Vanilla Beans Grade B extract

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Vanilla Beans Grade B Extract: A budget-friendly option for vanilla flavor, perfect for various culinary applications and homemade extracts.

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Grade B Vanilla Beans – Extract Grade

Our Grade B vanilla beans come in 10-15 cm long pods. These Bourbon Grade B vanilla beans have less moisture content than Grade A vanilla pods. And, it is around 15-20%. Furthermore, we use fully cured beans to make this grade.

Also, our inspection process ensures that you are buying the highest quality vanilla beans.

Furthermore, Sri Lanka bourbon beans have a rich and creamy flavor along with an intense heavenly aroma. Also, our triple inspection process ensures only the highest quality beans are sent out by checking the size, smell, aroma, and appearance before packaging in our commercial vacuum sealers.

Grade Grade B (Extract Beans)
Length 4-6 inches (10cm – 15cm)
Color Brown – Dark Brown
Moisture Content 15-20%
Flavor Profile Complex, Creamy, Sweet
Ingredients Organic Vanilla Beans
Product Style Whole
Shelf Life 1 year
Basic Preparation To use a vanilla bean, gently peel the outer layer (skin) and use a spoon or the back of your knife to scrape the beans out of the pods or cut into small pieces for extraction
Handling / Storage Store in a cool, dry place/ Do not refrigerate
Country of Origin Sri Lanka
Dietary Preferences All-Natural, Gluten-Free, Non-GMO

If you are planning to make vanilla extract, these grade B vanilla beans are the best beans you can buy. In addition, this is the most economical choice when compared with the other vanilla grades. Our beans are fully sun-dried, all-natural, and gluten-free.

Organic Vanilla Beans (True 100% Certified Organic)

Our vanilla beans come from USDA-NOP and EU-certified estates in Sri Lanka. Therefore, they have NO contamination of chemicals, and the land and organic process are certified by Control Union Sri Lanka. It is the Sri Lanka branch of Control Union Certifications of the Netherlands.

Buying Grade B vanilla beans (Extract) wholesale in bulk

If you are a retail or wholesale supplier of vanilla beans in your area, we suggest you buy vanilla beans at our wholesale prices. When purchasing at wholesale prices, you can save 30-40% on the same products as before.

And, we are 100% sure that once you buy wholesale from us, you will not need to look for any other supplier.

At our business, we guarantee consistent quality, freshness, aroma-sealed packaging, timely deliveries, and excellent customer service. In short, we take great pride in offering premium-quality vanilla beans in Sri Lanka.

In addition, our company has the capacity to produce private-label custom packaging for your vanilla order. We produce different types of packaging. For example, vanilla packets, boxes, tins, glass bottles, etc.

Therefore, you can simply go with any type of packaging you want with us.

Buy wholesale vanilla beans from Acril Tea at the best price in Sri Lanka.

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7 reviews for Vanilla Beans Grade B extract

  1. ÓDiomasaighe

    Great quality for the price. I use them to make vanilla extract.

  2. Drew C

    Making my own vanilla extract this year plus some for gifts. These beans were vacuum packed and I could smell them before opening them. Smells great!! Beans were fairly uniform and oily but not real plump. Still was very pleased. Will buy it again.

  3. Amlindstrom

    I ordered these and another pack of them to make 32 ounces of extract. The beans were fresh and easy to handle, cut, open, and scrape to put in a curing jar. So far they smell wonderful and that is only in one month. Thanks

  4. Denny

    The beans were better than expected. They were between 6” and 7” long. They were soft and easily split. I used the majority to make vanilla extract.

  5. Kathleen M Reisen

    Used for making homemade vanilla extract. Very good flavor.

  6. Martha Meeks

    These vanilla beans were amazing!! The beans were moist, full of aroma, and they’re currently sitting in some 80 proof liquid to make, what I’m going to guess will be, wonderfully delicious extract!! Thank you, Team Acril!

  7. goharley2020

    Easy to split open to let the Vodka soak up the Vanilla flavor I’ve been making my own Vanilla extract for over 40 years. tastes way better than store-bought.

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