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Ceylon Cinnamon Quillings No 2: Delicate fragments of cinnamon bark, skillfully obtained in the cinnamon production process, perfect for creating cinnamon powder.

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Cinnamon Grade:  Cinnamon Quillings No 2

In the aromatic world of cinnamon, there’s more than meets the eye, and Ceylon Cinnamon Quillings No 2 grade is a testament to this. This grade, made of tiny cinnamon chips, shares its origin with the renowned No. 1 quillings, both sourced from the bark of Sri Lanka’s native evergreen trees.

These trees, reaching heights of 8 – 20 meters, produce precious cinnamon bark that enhances a wide range of dishes with its distinctive spice. But what exactly is a cinnamon quill, and how does it differ from a cinnamon stick? Let’s embark on a journey through the world of Ceylon Cinnamon Quillings and unveil the answers.

Cinnamon Quills and Quillings: Nature’s Culinary Treasure

Understanding Cinnamon Quills

Cinnamon quills are slender, rolled pieces of cinnamon bark. They are obtained by carefully harvesting the inner bark of cinnamon trees, followed by a meticulous drying process. These quills are what bring the warm, sweet, and aromatic essence of cinnamon to your culinary creations.

Understanding Cinnamon Quillings

Cinnamon quillings are like tiny chips of cinnamon bark, sometimes resembling delicate peels or fragments of cinnamon sticks. Producers obtain them by cutting and baling cinnamon during the production process.

The Distinction Between Quills and Sticks

Cinnamon quills and sticks are essentially the same; the terms are often used interchangeably. Both are formed from the inner bark of cinnamon trees. However, the word “quills” may be more commonly used to describe the slender, rolled cinnamon pieces. And the “sticks” can refer to the broader, tubular shapes. The choice of term often depends on regional preferences and traditions.

Cinnamon: From Bark to Spice

Cinnamon’s Origin

Cinnamon, in all its forms, originates from the bark of cinnamon trees, primarily grown in Sri Lanka. These evergreen trees yield the precious cinnamon bark, which producers harvest and process to create quills, sticks, or powder.

Cinnamon Quillings No 2: A Culinary Marvel

Ceylon Cinnamon Quillings No 2 grade is a culinary marvel. It is obtained during the process of cutting and baling cinnamon. And, we use quillings for cinnamon powder production. This grade typically comprises quillings from No. 01 grade, constituting approximately 50% of its composition.

The Epitome of Quality: Certified Organic Ceylon Cinnamon

Acril Tea proudly offers USDA, EU, and JAS-certified organic Ceylon Cinnamon, regarded as the finest cinnamon available from Sri Lanka. Therefore, our commitment to quality ensures that you receive the finest cinnamon for your culinary endeavors.

In conclusion, cinnamon quills, whether No 2 grade or otherwise, are nature’s gift to the culinary world. They represent the aromatic essence of cinnamon bark, transformed into versatile forms that elevate dishes with their warm and sweet flavor. So, whether you choose quills or sticks, remember that cinnamon, in its various incarnations, is a culinary treasure that enriches your gastronomic adventures with its unique and delightful spice.

Wholesale Cinnamon Quillings No 2

When you search for a wholesale supplier of cinnamon, it’s important to look for the following:

  • Product Quality: True You can examine samples before placing your order.
  • Price: The price is the most important factor when you buy wholesale orders. You can do research and ask the supplier to give you your target price.
  • Capacity: Production capacity is also very important when you go for large orders because the supplier should have the capacity to control quality and consistency.

Our wholesale Ceylon Cinnamon pricing will not always be the lowest, but we will not revert to using low-quality cinnamon to get the price down to get your order. We supply only the highest-quality and premium Ceylon cinnamon at the most affordable and competitive prices.

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