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BP Black Tea – Broken Pekoe

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Tea Grade: BP Black Tea (Broken Pekoe Black Tea)

BP black tea grade is produced using the method of CTC. It is a faster way to produce standard-quality tea. This method produces very tiny nuggets of tea particles. Also, the CTC tea is always strong.

It is all about the machining process. To manufacture the CTC-type tea, freshly harvested whole tea leaves are fed into the CTC machines. Then the machines crush, tear, and curl (CTC) them and process them in a period of just about two hours. Therefore, it produces small brown nuggets of tea.

CTC-type tea manufacturing is very popular in low and mid-grown tea areas in Sri Lanka. Our Broken Pekoe black tea (BP) has a very strong taste with or without milk. This is one of the top-selling tea grades in the Middle East tea market.

At Acril Tea, we supply certified organic tea (USDA, EU, and JAS) as well as conventional tea in Sri Lanka.

Buy Ceylon Tea Wholesale?

When purchasing Ceylon tea wholesale, it’s also important to consider the followings,

  • Quality of tea
  • Packaging and shipping options.
  • Price

Tea is a delicate product that can be easily damaged if it is not stored and shipped properly. Make sure that your supplier is using high-quality packaging materials and that they have experience shipping tea to your location.
At Acril, we offer organic tea (USDA, EU, or JAS-certified tea) and conventional tea in Sri Lanka at very competitive prices with higher quality standards. Also, we have a solution for your private-label packaging requirement. If you plan to develop your brand name in tea, private-label packaging plays a crucial role in its success.
we invite you to be a part of this journey by becoming a fresh partner with us. Together, we can change the way the world experiences tea.

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1 review for BP Black Tea – Broken Pekoe

  1. Lisa / Austria

    Extremely pleasant tea! over 2 years old and it’s still tasting good smell and unique taste to me. I had tried a lot of different brand of BP BLACK TEA and nothing match with this one. I love this tea taste and it was 100% better than what I expecting.

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