Organic the way forward

Times have changed and in today’s health-conscious world Organic has become a major buzzword influencing the buying habits of more and more people.

Organic labeling is not something you can just add to a product (tea, cinnamons, Pepper, cloves, or other spices).

If you label the foods organic, it must be

  • Food grows without chemical or synthetic fertilizers or sewage sludge.
  • No part of the crop has been irradiated or contain GMO.
  • Absolute prohibition of the use of genetically modified organisms
  • open-air systems and providing them with organic feed
  • There must be a complete paper trail of the product from field to your table. Inspection certificates etc.

Why Organic

Furthermore, you see the word organic you know it is safe for you and your family.

Acriltea is becoming one of the major leaders in the promotion and implementation of organic practices.

Our increasing use of USDA, EU, JAS certified products is not only ensuring the health of our buyers but of our workers too.

From our conception we have always followed a Fair Trade policy, we put our worker’s safety and working conditions ahead of profit.

From our humble beginnings selling the finest Ceylon tea we have grown, our product range now includes cinnamon cloves and spices to enthrall the taste buds of even the most discerning connoisseur’s palette.

Organics are free from synthetic fertilizers and pesticides. By using organics in agricultural practices and production process we do our small bit in maintaining the biodiversity and eco-structure of our surroundings.

Organic Fertilizer
Organic Fertilizer

We use traditional organic farming methods with our farmers.

Fairtrade organics are the only way to go. Our workers have some of the best and healthiest working conditions available. A Fair wage for a Fair day’s work. we strive to promote this work ethics around Sri Lanka and the entire planet.

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