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Main Types of Tea-Camellia sinensis


Camellia sinensis

The tea is processed from the tender shoots (typically the bud and the first two leaves, or two and a half) of the tea plant. The botanical term for the plant is Camellia sinensis.

What is not tea?

Traditionally, the word “tea” is used to describe the tea plant and products made using parts of the tea plant.

However, on some occasions, the word “tea” is used to describe products made using parts of other plants. This has led to confusion and ambiguity as some people think that these products are made from Camellia sinensis and therefore have similar health benefits as true tea.

The chemical composition of the beverages made from other plant species is quite different from that of Camellia sinensis.

Therefore, the effects of these beverages on human health will also be different. The chemical composition of these beverages and their effects on human health have not been studied in great detail as in Camellia sinensis.

Identifying these products on the market shelf and differentiating them from true tea is also difficult as the terminology used is ambiguous. Usually, these products are referred to as “herbal teas.” On most

On most occasions, the word tea is preceded by the name of the plant. (Eg. Chamomile tea, Peppermint tea, and Rooibos tea.) Ambiguity arises when common names are used to describe these products. (Eg. ‘Red Tea’ is sometimes used to describe rooibos tea.)

Therefore, one should carefully select tea made from Camellia sinensis to receive the health benefits attributed to tea.

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