Is Cassia bark the same as true Cinnamon?

Cassia-vs-true cinnamon

A lot of people have been confused about whether or not your cinnamon is real. Their claim is that Ceylon cinnamon is the only true cinnamon and that Cassia cinnamon is fake. So let’s identify what is true cinnamon and the difference between true cinnamon and cassia.

The Difference between True Cinnamon and Cassia

Ceylon Cinnamon Cassia (Chinese cassia)
  • Soft in Texture
  • Easily broken
  • Soft & Sweet Aromatic flavor
  • Light Brown in color
  • Soft in appearance
  • Number of folders/layers in Quill
  • Native to Sri Lanka
  • Low Cinnamaldehyde
  • Coumarin content 0.004%
  • Generally safe
  • Hard texture
  • Not easily broken
  • Pungent and very Spicy flavor
  • Dark Brown or Reddish in color
  • Rough in Appearance
  • One inward-folded, empty cavity
  • Native to China, Indonesia, Vietnam
  • High Cinnamaldehyde
  • Coumarin content 5%
  • Toxic in prolonged use



  • In the case of ground cinnamon, it is very difficult to distinguish between the two, especially when sniffing spices.
  • However, in the case of sticks, it is easier to differentiate between the two.
  • Most bottled or packaged ground cinnamon does not mention its type or origin. Double-check that they are from Sri Lanka.
  • Therefore, it is difficult to ascertain its type and origin or the country or plant.
  • The best thing to do is to identify the sticks and make sure that you are buying true cinnamon from Sri Lanka.
  • Once you get the real ” Cinnamon,” use your blender to crush it to powder.

You now have a good idea about how to distinguish true cinnamon, so you have to buy it from a trusted source and a source that discloses harvest dates (freshness) as well as the type of cinnamon grade.

As a highly valued culinary and medicinal spice, cinnamon prices can be up to 10 times more than Cassia/Chinese cinnamon.

Tell your family and friends about this real cinnamon, they’ll appreciate it!

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  • Reply teena - May 28, 2017

    Yes, agree the cassia bark does not have the same health benefits as pure Ceylon Cinnamon. Thank you for sharing with us

    • Reply admin - May 29, 2017

      Thank you teena:)

  • Reply Darren Lee - May 29, 2017

    This is extremely interesting stuff, thank you so much for posting…. A+++

    • Reply admin - May 29, 2017

      Thanks, Darren!

  • Reply con d9 fi - July 26, 2018

    Great article, very useful !!

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