Retail market packaging

The Cinnamon will be packaging in clean, dry packages, made for food packaging. So, it protects the Cinnamon nutrition facts and the moisture level.

For the retail market, we arrange any type of packaging like a box, tin, gift pack type packings.

Packaging for the export market


Quills – Each grade of quills pack altogether and the size of the bale of about 25 kg and/or 45 kg. A rope is using for the wrapping the bales.

Cut quills – cut quills pack in clean, food-grade polyethylene or aluminum foil or any other suitable packaging material according to the weight requirement of the client.

Quillings and Featherings – Quillings and featherings pack in the form of bales or in bags.

Chips – Chips pack in the form of bales or in bags.

Further, We pack pure Ceylon Cinnamon under your own brand name (Private Lable packing). Also, ACRIL TEA Private Ltd undertakes value-added Cinnamon packaging and helps you to create own Private Label Cinnamon brand.