What is Ceylon Cinnamon

Cinnamon is a highly delicious spice obtaining from the inner bark of several tree species from the genus Cinnamomum. The following definition of Cinnamon shall apply:

Bale: A package of any one particular grade of quills wrapped with suitable material for export.

Chips: Dried bark of un-peelable cinnamon stems, branches, and trimmings inclusive of the outer bark which has been obtained by chipping or scraping.

Cut quills: Cinnamon quills cut to a specific required length.

Extraneous matter: All materials other than cinnamon bark.

Featherings: Dried pieces of inner bark obtained by peeling and/or scraping the bark of small twigs and stalks of cinnamon shoots which may include a quantity of chip as specified.

Foxing: The occurrence of reddish-brown patches on the surface of the quills, which may become dark brown with time.

Quills: Scraped peel of the inner bark of mature cinnamon stems first dried in the sun (not direct sun) to curled and joined together by overlaps and the hollow of which has been filled with small pieces of peeled cinnamon to form the length of 1050 ± 50 mm and thereafter dried in the sun, if necessary after air curing.

Quillings: Broken pieces below 200 mm in length (other than quills cut in specified short length) and splits of varying sizes of all grades of cinnamon quills which may include quantities of chips and featherings as specified.

We produce the following types of Cinnamon,

  1. Quills
  2. Cut quills
  3. Quillings
  4. Featherings
  5. Chips