Ceylon cinnamon sticks are also known as cinnamon quills. Therefore, after harvesting and drying cinnamon, we produce curly or rolled cinnamon quills. Also, all the cinnamon sticks are made the same way. However, when we are sorting the cinnamon grades of sticks, we mainly consider the diameter size of the sticks.

At Acril tea, we produce the following commercial grades of Ceylon cinnamon:

Commercial cinnamon grades on the market

Mainly, we identify the following standard cinnamon grades in the market.

ALBA: It is the top Ceylon cinnamon grade and the most expensive cinnamon grade. And, it has a sweet taste, a pleasant aroma, and a powerful flavor.

Continental cinnamon grades

C5 Special Cinnamon: The second best quality cinnamon grade, after Alba. And, it is very similar to the ALBA cinnamon grade.

C5 Cinnamon: This grade of Ceylon cinnamon is highly sought after for its character, taste, smell, and excellent flavor.

C4 Cinnamon: C4 Cinnamon grade is highly demanded in its smoothness, exquisite fragrance, pale, tan-yellow color, and sweet taste.

Mexican grades

M5 Cinnamon: This grade is relatively rougher in texture and thinner in appearance.

M4 Cinnamon: 19 mm average size, and this grade shows rough texturing similar to the M5 Cinnamon grade.

Hamburg cinnamon grades

H1 Cinnamon: The most popular cinnamon grade in the South American market. And, it comes in rough cinnamon bark.

H2 Cinnamon: It’s thicker than the H1 grade. It consists of golden-yellow cinnamon quills of high quality.

Quilling No. 1 & No. 2: This grade consists of larger and smaller quillings, which are collected as a result of cutting and bailing cinnamon.

Cinnamon Powder: Cinnamon is made from the dried bark of evergreen trees. Once ground, the golden-brown cinnamon powder produces a sweet, spicy flavor and aroma.

Cinnamon grading glossary

  • Quills

The cinnamon quills are graded on the basis of the diameter of the quills, the number of quills per kilogram, and the extent of foxing.

  • Cut quills

The cut cinnamon quills are graded on the basis of their diameter, color, and extent of foxing.

  • Quillings

Quillings may contain featherings and chips up to 5% by mass.

  • Featherings

Featherings may contain up to 10% by mass of chips.

  • Chips

Chips shall be made from well-dried, hand-picked, clean, unpeeled cinnamon bark